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The following snippets provide some idea of the thematic, stylistic and programmatic range and quality of tracks DrownedWorld can produce. On this page these are split into three categories: epic orchestral flavours (Tracks 1-6), jazz flavours (Tracks 7-10) and not everything is epic (Tracks 11-14). However, if you don’t hear something similar in these tracks to the score you have in your head it is still most likely that to paraphrase Phillip K Dick, ‘we can realise it for you wholesale’.

All tracks written and arranged by Paul Street.


1. Cometh The Hour – Orchestral & Electronica: 2’27

Epic orchestral score that sweeps through a number of styles and themes. Multiple climaxes at 1’01”; 1’29” and 2’08”

Play 1. Cometh The Hour - by Paul Street

3. Unchained Descent – Orchestral 2’15”

A languorous celli and viola melody is augmented by moody low brass, clarinets and harp as it slowly slowly builds towards an old style epic theme that enters at 1’08.’ This in turn gives way to a passage akin to the rhythmic style of The Rite and Petrushka at 1’24” before finishing with just about every instrument playing fortissimo for the final repeated chords.

Play 2. Unchained Descent - by Paul Street

5. Requiem Introit – Choir and String Orchestra 1’54”

Originally scored using melotrons and 70s modular synths it was born out of a piece that was very Berlin and Aguirre era Herzog. However, this is the church organ, string orchestra and choir version.

Play 3. Requiem - Introit - by Paul Street



7. Fungus Mungus – Large Jazz Ensemble 1’43”

Whether it is in order to add a touch of class to your heist movie or a homage to Maille, Truffaut or Godard without naming your production company after one of their films, large jazz ensembles work for more than late 80’s/early 90’s romcoms.

Play 4. Fungus Mungus - by Paul Street

9. Apres La Vendange – Small Jazz Ensemble – Acoustic Guitar & Vibes 1’33”

After a hard day harvesting the grapes and then driving your Renault 4 down country lanes to the local bar what else would you choose for your soundtrack but a gallic twist on “Le Jazz.”

Play 5. Apres La Vendange - by Paul Street


11. Benedictus Dominus Deus – Choral/EDM 2’14”

I have it on good authority that when the Venerable Bede is in the mood for a rave he plays some sacred EDM. Well who doesn’t?

Play 6. Benedictus Dominus Deus - by Paul Street

13. Kate’s Atlanta Garden – Solo Steel Strung Acoustic Guitar 2’19”

Starts relatively slow and ambient picks up pace at 0’47”

Play 7. Kate's Atlanta Garden - by Paul Street

15. Do you want The Moon? – Anthemic Rock 2’36”

Trance meets Stadium Rock with a big shout out to Jimmy S for his timeless vocal track at 1’11”


2. Darkness Afoot – Orchestral & Electronica: 2’27’

A melody with a shifting tonal centre floats over a synth, celli and contrabass ostinato sequence all the time punctuated by horns and trombones, percussion, electronica and muted trumpets. Big strings enter at 1’12”.

Play 8. Darkness Afoot - by Paul Street

4. Burning Bright – Orchestral/Piano 2’11”

Underpinned by repetitive piano parts the piece begins by adopting predominately whole tone harmony before moving to something a little more uplifting at 0’52”

Play 9. Burning Bright - by Paul Street


6. The Tor at Dawn – Orchestral 3’51”

I don’t have a piece scored to video that is stylistically similar but despite the fact it’s unfinished and only partial orchestrated I’ve included it here. For a couple of years in my life I used to drive by Glastonbury at 6am or earlier when, with clear blue skies above you, the Tor could be seen to rise out of the dense low rolling mists of the Somerset Levels below. This is a musical take on that image.

Play 10. The Tor At Dawn - by Paul Street

8. Beco Das Garrafes – Small Jazz Ensemble – Guitar & Sax 1’57”

It is 1959 and you are in Rio so where is the hipist place to go …

Play 11. Beco Das Garrafes - by Paul Street


10. Lunch at McCoy’s – Small Jazz Ensemble/Sax 2’24”

Modal Jazz sextet – whether you are shooting a sophisticated modern noir or just adding a touch of of something else to your soundtrack step back to a time where East Coast cool ruled the roost.

Play 12. Lunch at McCoy's - by Paul Street

12. Robin’s Lullaby – Solo Classical Guitar 2’13”

In this case it is arranged for solo guitar but if you are after a soundtrack for your film ‘The Man Who Searched For Bambi’ you can have something similar orchestrated. Alas Mr De Niro is not waiting at the current time.

Play 13. Robin's Lullaby - by Paul Street

14. The Emptiness of Being – Ambient/Abstract Electronic 2″09″

Listening to the likes of Phaedera, Zeit and Kontakte while growing up I like turning my hand to some abstract eletronica for those what the hell is going on moments.

Play 14. The Emptiness of Being - by Paul Street